During 8th Annual Anniversary of Al-Jamiqya T.V. Channel, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jalel Al-Esa confirmed on that university media is represented the main gate to identify the academic achievements of the educational institutions and Dr. Al-Esa directed media departments of the universities to set mechanisms and new strategies to develop their media performance.

Dr. Al-Issa said that the media work in its different forms has its own distinctiveness from the other businesses and it is characterized by renewal, immediacy and interaction, and all this and other necessities to keep pace and adhere to causality which considered the tools and methods to develop the media performance.

His Excellency called on media departments and sections in the universities to put new mechanisms for media work in their educational institutions to compete with other media means by influencing the making of public opinion.

Dr. Al-Issa said that media is the source of enlightening work and any institution without successful media its efforts will be worthless.

His Excellency congratulated the employees of the Al-Jamiaya T.V. channel and the Ministry’s Directorate of Relations and Media for their efforts in spite of all the challenges.

Dr. Al-Issa added that the task of academics is to address issues that delay the construction process and His Excellency reviewed that the achieved victories are represented a response against all the attempts of Da’aish that calls to darkness, ignorance and disruption of the national unity.

It is worth mentioning that His Excellency awarded top employees of the Al-Jamaiya T.V. Channel.

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