A faculty member in the College of Nursing, University of Karbala published a research in the International Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences on associated effects with the two types of tapeworms and nematodes.

The research, in which entitled (Associated Effects Associated with Two Types of Tapeworms and Nematodes) aimed at reviewing the pathological and pathological effects of joint infection of two types of nematode and striptease in the intestine  and studying the histological changes in the intestines and complications caused by parasites

The study reviewed the histological changes in the intestine were represented via the swelling and destruction of the vesicles, the dorsal vertical cells lining them, rupture of the subcutaneous mucous layer, as well as the infiltration of multi-nuclei.

The study recommended conducting similar studies to determine the damage caused by joint injury to the immune system, conducting a comprehensive study on the impact of the injury on the structure of the liver’s tissues and using extracts of some plants to reduce the effects of the injury.

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