During a meeting of Providing Accomplished researches, Inventions and Specialized Specialties Symposium, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jalel Al-Esa announced on providing 43 researches , inventions and investing opportunities for the industrial, agricultural , constructional and environmental services sectors.

  His Excellency said that the contemporary world is characterized by its rapid pace which need to follow those paces   and creations that only be achieved via science, education and innovations and Dr. Al-Esa added that the i m portance of scientific research as a base of all walks of life.

   His Excellency realization of the aspiration to transform into a society that contributes to building a knowledge e c onomy.

  Dr. Al-Esa confirmed on that gaining technology and knowledge represent the real investment aspect of the Iraqi n  ational resources and achieving the goal of the transformation to a society that contributes in building the k nowledge  economy.

  His Excellency continued saying that the ministry is continuing to implement the strategic plans and invent the   methods of strengthening the national economy other than oil and create job opportunities in various sectors that  will fortify the Iraqi economic reality to meet the need of the market.

  For his part, Deputy of Ministry of Science and Technology, Dr. Fuad Al-Musawi, said that the projects of Higher  Education can be implemented in more than one province according to feasibility studies of each project.

I t is worth mentioning that the symposium, in which a number of Iraqi parliaments, faculty members and representatives of public and private sectors participated, included inaugurating a number of patents and accomplished research projects.

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