During 6th International Conference for Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation by University of Kufa and UNESCO Chair, Higher Education is working on developing the educational process via implementing modern technology, updating curricula to promote graduates to meet the needs and changes in labor markets, Director of Supervision and Scientific Education, Dr. Nabeel Al-Araji said.

Dr. Al-Araji confirmed on that the Ministry and its formations are keen on enhancing the university accreditation and developing the experiences of graduates to keep pace with the latest of advanced countries’ scientific researches.

Dr. Al-Araji said that the conference included holding day and morning workshops, discussing 20 scientific researches on how to achieve the total quality and academic classification of the international universities and the quality of education as well as providing the needs of the strategic plan to obtain the academic accreditation for the educational institutions.

 Dr. Al-Araji continued saying that the conference aimed at addressing issues and challenges of implementing quality in Higher Education and setting solutions for educational process and its performance quality.

Dr. Al-Araji added that the conference recommended the need to develop the culture of e-education, unify curricula and encourage innovation and creativity in Higher Education.

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