Higher Education announced on resubmission on the 100 scholarships to obtain Ph.D. in the rare specialties and the submission not after 15-5-2017, Director of the Scholarships and Cultural Relations, Dr. Salah Al-Fatlawi said.

Dr. Al-Fatlawi added that the universities which allowed to submit, University of Information Technology, University of Al-karkh for Sciences, University of Ibn Sina, University of Basra for Oil and Gas, University of Thi-Qar, University of Sumer, University of Jabr Ibn Hayan for Medical Sciences, Al-Qassim Green University, University of Samara, University of Wasit, University of Falujah, University of Misan and University of Al-Qadisiyah.

Dr. Al-Fatlawi mentioned that the scholarships for obtaining Ph.D. without having Master Degree in the rare specialties from the recognized international universities.

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