A faculty member in the University of Diyala obtained a patent from the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control on the isolating, purifying and sequencing of the white gene of the nucleus DNA of the fly worm of the ancient world.

The patent included the isolation, purification and identification of the nucleotide sequence of a gene from the DNA genes of the nucleus, the white gene, from three population groups of the old fly worm of the ancient world collected from northern, central and southern of Iraq after being reared in the laboratory up to the third generation besides product the molecular weight of the gene amplification via using PCR401bp and then a nucleotide sequence of the gene was performed using a DNA sequences.

The patent concluded that the sequence of the nitrogen bases is very similar among the three populations, the worm of the ancient world was collected from three different geographic regions of one species and that the technique of sterile insects could be applied to eradicate this pest in the future.

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