College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics, Al-Karkh University for Science holds a symposium on the assessment of the hydrochemical state of groundwater.

The symposium, in which a number of researchers and specialists participated, included delivering a lecture on the hydrochemical state of groundwater, the reasons for the decline of surface water resources in central and southern Iraq, and ways of preparing salinity maps and the percentage of sodium adsorption in groundwater.

The symposium aimed at diagnosing the chemical deterioration of the soil resource via assessing the hydrocyclic condition of groundwater, its impact on soil salinity and studying the chemical properties of the groundwater used in irrigating agricultural land.

The symposium recommended the need for integrated laboratory examination data for saline-affected soil samples with remote sensing data in order to create a map that show the distribution of affected cultivars by salinity, as well as studying of near ground water to show the degree of internal drainage of soil.

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