During 7th International Engineering Conference of the College of Engineering, University of Baghdad, Higher Education confirmed on the importance of the sustainable development in achieving the economic development in Iraq and providing opportunities for the community, Higher Ministry’s Deputy for Legal and Administrative Affairs and, Dr. Mohammed Al-Saraj said.

Dr. Al-Saraj added that the scientific and academic institutions need to meaningful scientific dialogue via convening specialized conferences to serve the community and find solutions for the obstacles of development.

Dr. Al-Saraj said that the sustainable development will contribute in prosper economy of Iraq and will provide suitable methods to improve community development.

Dr. Al-Saraj  added that the conference aimed at providing and documenting valuable new information and exchanging experiences in the fields of engineering and technology to serve the advancement of scientific research and develop engineering and technological sciences as main pillar in the advancement and sustainability of development and provide a suitable environment for researchers and engineers in various sectors to contribute via their research in theoretical and applied studies and provide scientific solutions .

For his part, President of the University of Baghdad, Dr. Allaa Abed Al-Hussain Abed Al-Rasool said that the college played a main role in providing experiences in developing the country.

For her part, Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Saba Jabar Nimaa reviewed the academic biography of the college after 100 year of supporting the scientific researches and community.

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