College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics, Al-Karkh University for Science organized a symposium on the future visions to support and enhance the management of Iraqi marshes.

The symposium, in which a number of students and faculty members participated, reviewed two axes, the first was on the violations of the geological works on the environment of the marshes and the repercussions of the oil explorations and the second was on the environmental threats to the biodiversity of the marshes and highlight the importance of biological diversity.

The symposium aimed at supporting the file of Iraqi marshes as a natural reserve within the list of world heritage via reviewing the procedures of the authorities towards marshes and future visions to support the sustainability of the marshes.

The symposium recommended establishing a national body to revive the marshes by experts and specialists, increasing the role of academic institutions in supporting marshes, protecting marshes from being flooded by fresh water and avoiding addressing the shortage of contaminated water.

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