A faculty member in the College of Medicine, University of Misan obtained a patent on using cardamom oil as an alternative to the industrial oxidation inhibitor (BHT) in manufacturing fats and vegetable oils.

The patent, in which granted by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control Unit of the Ministry of Planning, included extracting essential oil of cardamom via using Clevenger device as a natural oxidation inhibitor rather than the industrial because it contains good proportions of oxygen and phenolic compounds which have antioxidant effectiveness and the chemical compounds of the cardamom oil were tested via GC-MS which contained 28 compounds.

The patent included finding physical properties of aromatic oil (specific density, refractive index and light rotation) , evaluation anti-oxidant activity of the aromatic cardamom oil extracted with RBD with the concentration of 100ppm and 200ppm and implementing industrial antioxidant was used as a biotalide hydroxytluene BHT at a concentration of 200ppm which compared to sun flower oil free of any control and estimating antioxidant activity stored in a heat oven at 60 ° C for seven days by estimating the  value of the peroxide (PV) and the acid value (AV).

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