In cooperation with the Husainia Holy Shrine, a research team in the College of Agriculture, University of Karbala discovered new six fungal strains which cause damage to the historical manuscripts, Head of the team, Dr. Adnan Lahof said.

 Dr. Lahof added that on discovering and diagnosing new six fungal strains which damaged the historical manuscripts via manuscripts using the technique of polymerase chain reaction and molecular diagnosis.

 Dr. Lahof mentioned that the process of accurate diagnosis via using modern molecular methods is considered the beginning of determining the best way to control the pest and reduce spreading or reappearing in order to preserve the intellectual treasures and literature in Iraq and develop scientific process in all walks.

 For his part, the director of Imam Hussein (PBH) Center for the Restoration and Maintaining Manuscripts, Mr. Monaf Al-Tamimi said that this study was registered at the National Center for Biotechnology Information in the United States known as the (National Center for Biotechnology Information) and recorded the discovery is considered the first of its kind international within its database.

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