During a ceremony of the liberation of the City of Mosul, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jalel Al-Esa said that the Ministry and the universities will spent all efforts in rebuilding of Iraq, enhancing the national identity and strengthening the awareness of the community.

His Excellency added that the Ministry is keen on making all universities part in the after liberation stage and reproducing human and values which damaged during Daaish period.

Dr. Al-Esa said that the Iraqis proved to the whole world that their authenticity and association with their identity which emitted from the variety of the Iraqi community which win time and undermine the difficulties and crises and His Excellency confirmed on that the blood of the martyrs paved the path of victory and transferred towards the hope that all Iraqis waited for.

His Excellency mentioned that the victory in Mosul is the real birth which requires construction and prosperity whish need free institutions that are characterized by integrity, loyalty and patriotism.

Dr. Al-Esa praised the heroic formations of security forces, public mobilization and the sincere leaders who planned for victory and liberation.

His Excellency awarded media satellite channels which covered the war of Mosul against Daaish.

It is worth mentioning that ceremony, in which attended by the representative of the Prime Minister, Secretary General of the Ministers Council, Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq and political, academic and cultural participants , included displaying a documentary film about the return of life to the city of Mosul, delivering  poems and artistic activities on Iraqi victory.

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