During a ceremony of announcing the independency of the University of Technology, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jalel Al-Esa announced that the University of Technology was officially granted the independency and authority to implement this task.

Dr. Al-Esa said that the decision of the independence of the universities was not implemented unless there is a scientific reading and a conscious methodology to rearrange the plans of this file in accordance to the international situation and accelerated requirements and His Excellency mentioned that the academic ambition in Iraq is to promote Iraqi universities and be equal to the advanced international universities.

His Excellency added that this vision did not stop at the limits of ambition but its put the early first steps to become a strategic project begins with the independency of the university and does not end the role of the Ministry in light of the global experiences that adopted the Supreme Councils of Universities to determine their powers and arrange their relations and academic functions as well as these active spaces will allow Iraq to revive the culture of institutions.

Dr. Al-Esa added that there is a need to find a new strategy and to end the stage of stagnation in order to transform to the stage of development that cannot be achieved without meeting its requirements scientifically and administratively and His Excellency said that the independency of institutions and the release of their decisions from the impact of the central situation will contribute greatly to the creating of its character and put an end the political controlling according to the logic of the distasteful quotas.

His Excellency praised the reform steps of the government which established the culture of technocrats and adopted the professional standards in the administration of the state and Dr. Al-Esa added that this trend is not complete without implementing it into a reality that address the current situation and reduces the accumulated repercussions.

Dr. Al-Esa said that the University of Technology will wait for the activation of the authorized powers to manage the file of postgraduate studies and determine the mechanisms of admission in the universities according to an electronic test determines the eligibility of the applicants as well as the University of Technology will be authorized to grant scholarships and fellowships outside Iraq besides developing mechanisms of full-time studying and post-doctoral studies, scientific twinning projects, providing requirements of changing of curricula and the names of departments and sections.

His Excellency concluded that this large project which will be implemented by the University of Technology will represent a confident procedural step in the path of independency of all universities and will be a guarantor of competition and scientific presence in the international rankings of universities.

For his part, Ministry’s Deputy for Legal and Administrative Affairs and, Dr. Mohammed Al-Saraj said that the independency needs enhancing the financial sources of the universities and increasing steps in this trend in order to complete the procedural steps in light of the Ministry strategy.

For his part, the President of the University, Dr. Ameen Dowaai Thamir said that the project of the independency is a remarkable project and it’s reliable in future as a sample for the independency of the other universities.

Dr. Al-Esa expressed the Ministry appreciation towards the spending efforts in this prospect of the independency as an enormous academic project.

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