College of Education for Human Sciences, University of Diyala held a symposium on rising groundwater and its impact on the villages of Babylon.

The symposium, in which a number of researchers and specialists participated, aimed at identifying the sources of rising groundwater levels and the reasons that led increasing of groundwater in the villages of Babylon, as well as their impact on the agricultural sector in those areas.

The symposium reviewed that water is the most important element that human beings having, it cannot be replaced by alternative material, one of the natural resources and the most important element in the environment that is involved with many industrial, domestic, agricultural and other uses.

The symposium mentioned that groundwater is part of the water cycle in nature and is an important source of fresh water resources as well as it is larger than 30% of the rest of freshwater and the only source of life in the areas that lack for fresh water besides less polluted than surface water .

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