College of Urban Planning, University of Kufa inaugurated an exhibition of students’ scientific achievements in the field of planning and construction, President of the University, Dr. Mohsin Abd Al-Hussain Al-Dhalimi said.

Dr. Al-Dhalimi added that the exhibition included a number of important projects such as the developing of the Kufa Corniche, Al Hurriya City, improving the urbanization in the City of Al-Abbasiyah and Center of Al-Mashkhab, as well as the planning and designing of shops and studying of the basic plans of the Governorate.

Dr. Al-Dhalimi mentioned that the products contribute in supporting and developing the Province of Najaf’s cities, the holy places and historical sites.

Dr. Al-Dhalimi added that the University is keen on providing the relevant management of the spatial planning projects and plans via scientific and academic expertise to prosper the province as a religious and cultural symbol.

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