College of Materials Engineering, University of Babylon conducted a study on the impact of adding tin on the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy (6013).

The study reviewed the impact of adding tin as a casting element on the mechanical properties and microscopic structure of the aluminum alloy (6013), which is used in different fields such as industry of aircraft and cars.

The study also reviewed that the compressibility, hardness and microscopic structure before and after heating treatment via adding 1,2,3,4 % of tin to the smelter of alloy and after preparing the samples were made for heat treatment besides the samples were put in an electric oven in 530° C for 4 hours the samples were cooled in cold water after that the samples were returned to the oven for 4 hours at 180° C and then the samples being cut for the purposes of microscopic examination.

The study concluded that the sedimentation rate was up to 5% and no sedimentation was occurred after that, the mechanical properties were high up to 2% of tin after the samples were treated in the solution and the samples were examined by optical microscope.

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