Faculty members in the Universities of Baghdad and Diyala obtained a joint patent on the therapeutic effect of the extracted alkaloids from the fruits of the azadirachta indica plant on white mice with liver cancer.

The patent, in which granted by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control Unit of the Ministry of Planning, aimed at reviewing the toxic effects of the extracted alkaloids and studying the effectiveness in reducing the size of cancer tumors in white mice via using the chromatography, gel filtration, thin layer, absorption capacity and the color of alkaloids.

The patent also reviewed the ability of alkaloids in producing an anticoagulant action and creating free of oxygen environment inside the tumor which causes death and necrosis to the cancer cells.

The patent concluded determining the therapeutic capacity of the extracted alkaloids based on the midterm dose and proving its effectiveness in reducing the size of the tumor depending on the use and duration of the dose.

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