During a ceremony of the Day of Science, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jalel Al-Esa awar honored the universities, research centers, scientists, faculty members and researchers who won the Iraqi Science Day awards and Dr. Al-Esa confirmed supporting the rights and achievements of the faculty members.

Dr. Al-Esa said that the university, colleges, research centers and staffs are contributing in providing need and His Excellency reviewed that the most prominent and oldest indicators of documentation of the movement of human existence began with the innovation, creativity and drawing the line of implementing all the developments in new frame.

His Excellency called on making the day of science as a national occasion to recognize its importance and identify its cultural dimensions related to the history, present and future of Iraq and as deep connection between Iraq and the first scientific achievement on its holy land.

Dr. Al-Esa praised the efforts of retired academicians who played the greatest role in paving the way for future generations and contributing in achieving the scientific and functional accumulation in our universities and His Excellency confirmed on supporting the rights of the faculty members which will be guaranteed by legislation that cannot be violated or changed except by a fair law which will guarantee their rights.

His Excellency called on all academics and faculty members to participate in the elections of the Iraqi Academic Syndicate which will be held on the 17th of October in order to be a supportive partner of the university.

Dr. Al-Esa said that the Ministry is keen on sponsoring the Day of Science in term of honoring and developing the competencies to be an annual occasion in which innovators, authors, researchers and distinguished people will meet on one stage.

For his part, Director of Research and Development said that the Day of Science’s awards included the award of distinguished university for its most achievements for 2016, award of the best research center or research unit for 2016, award of the postgraduate student publishing research project in a recognized scientific journal of 2016, award of best recognized scientific journal of 2016, award of scientific innovation and excellence and patents of 2016, award of excellence of science, award of best book or interpreter of 2016, award of students of the final grades of 2016, student award for volunteering and innovative work and award of the retired faculty member.

It is worth mentioning that the ceremony was held by the Directorate of Research and Development according to the criteria of the natural, medical, health, agricultural, social and humanitarian sciences.

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