In cooperation with the Universities of Baghdad and Al-Nahrain, Higher Education celebrated the great victory of Iraq against Daaish and declaration of cleaning the national soil of their remnants, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jalel Al-Esa said.



Dr. Al-Esa added that everyone is responsible on combating the ideology of Daaish according to each one’s position in the map of victory.

His Excellency reviewed that the victory can only be achieved via bridging gaps that may be exploited by the terrorists.



Dr. Al-Esa also reviewed that the first complementary steps to this great victory begins with a sense of responsibility towards Iraq, implementation of the law, integrity of work in the institutions and counting corruption and His Excellency praised those immortal sacrifices of the martyrs and wounded in defending the land of Iraq.



His Excellency continued by saying that the Ministry is keen on improving facade of victory via increasing the level of academic quality in various universities and institutes to serve the Iraqi community.



For their part, Presidents of the University of Baghdad, Dr. Alla Abd Al-Hussain and the University of Al-Nahrain, Dr. Nabeel Kadhum Abd Al-Sahib praised the national solidarity of the Iraqi people in making the great victory against Daaish.



It is worth mentioning that the ceremony included honoring a number of military leaders who participated by their national and media efforts in achieving the victory.

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