Higher Education announced on 10 scholarships to obtain Master’s and Ph.D. degrees for the academic year 2018-2019, Director General of Scholarships and Cultural Relations, Dr. Salah Al-Fatlawi said.

Dr. Al-Fatlawi added that the Turkish University of Okan granted Iraq 10 scholarships in which 5 scholarships to obtain master’s degree for non-employees only and 5 scholarships to obtain Ph.D. for the employees and non-employees

Dr. Al-Fatlawi continued by saying that the nominees will be submitted to the criteria of the fellowships’ nomination of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Dr. Al-Fatlawi reviewed that the required specialties are; 3 scholarships to obtain Ph.D. in business management, 2 scholarships to obtain Ph.D. in architecture, 2 scholarships to obtain Master in architecture and3 scholarships to obtain master degree in different specialties.

Dr. Al-Fatlawi called on staff of all Ministries, universities and the two bodies, as well as non-employees, to visit the website (http://scrdgate.scrdiraq.gov.iq).

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