In cooperation with Iraqi AL-Amal Association and United Nations Development Program, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jalel Al-Essa sponsored the final conference of the project of setting peace education in Iraq.

Dr. Al-Essa said that the peacemaking needs parallel and convergent paths which start from the moment of addressing the ignorance and diagnosing the reasons behind it and His Excellency reviewed that the education is the great entry gate to the space of development and achieving the sustainable peace.

His Excellency praised the initiatives, training programs and workshops in which Iraqi AL-Amal Association and United Nations Development Program organized that focused on attracting university faculty members and researchers and Dr. Al-Essa called on investing these efforts in setting the base of peace and understanding the difficulties, challenges and benefiting from them, diagnosing the political and social obstacles and addressing their causes scientifically via competent readings and studies in order to be applied.

For his part, Vise-Director of the United Nations Development Program in Iraq, Mr. Gerardo Noto said that representatives of the international program are committed in promoting the culture of peace and they are convinced in that the integrated and systematic education can establish the culture of sustainable peace in Iraq.

For his part, Executive Director of Iraqi AL-Amal Association, Mr. Jamal Al-Jawahri praised the contribution of the Ministry and the universities in providing appropriate climate to support development, training and rehabilitation programs for youth of different Iraqi provinces.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Al-Essa and UNDP honored the faculty members, youth and students with certificates, who contributed in the workshops and training of the project of setting peace education in Iraq.

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