University of Karbala reviewed with Canadian Governance Institute and United Nations Development Program inaugurating a specialized training center to implement a public sector development and leadership development program in the Province of Karbala, President of the University, Dr. Moneer Hameed Al-Saadi said.

Dr. Al-Saadi added that the university and the two sides agreed on implementing a program which includes seven levels were carefully prepared and implemented within one year to enhance the concepts and frameworks of modern work, enable institutions to simplify the work systems and provide services to citizens in easy way.

For his part, Vice President of the Canadian organization, Mr. Sylvan Dubois said that the program includes enhancing the role of leaders in term of keeping pace with change and development of government service performance to the citizen, developing and building managerial and leadership capacities and training them on the latest concepts and means of professional management by faculty members and practitioners of management with wide experience and high efficiency in the management and leadership from Karbala University and the International Organization.

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