College of Medicine, University of Karbala held its 4th International Conference of Medical Education, Ministry’s Advisor, Dr. Musa Al-Moussawi said.

Dr. Al-Moussawi added that medical education and its latest developments made it a distinctive mark in the medical and health environment that makes the scientific twinning programs with scientific institutions as a scientific necessity.

Dr. Al-Moussawi reviewed that the conference highlighted the basics of developing the medical education and clinical sciences as well as the development of the theoretical, clinical and objective evaluation of the various stages in medical colleges and reviewing the results of a number of contemporary researches and developments of medical sciences.

Dr. Al-Moussawi also reviewed that the conference recommended the need to involve the health departments to diagnose the medical and morbidity problems that accompany their daily work reports in order to provide the Iraqi universities by those reports for the purpose of preparing applied research projects for postgraduate students to achieve and solve them. 

For his part, President of the University of Karbala, Dr. Mounir Hamaeed Al-Saadi stressed on the importance of promoting scientific research, providing high-quality health services, supporting efforts to promote scientific communication and intellectual interaction between doctors abroad and inside and transferring the results of contemporary research and developments of medical sciences to doctors in Iraq.

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