College of Science, University of Karbala held its 7th International Conference on Applied Science and Technology.

The conference, in which a number of researchers participated, aimed at enhancing the role of applied science in serving the society, addressing problems, meeting the needs and providing researchers and scientists in the fields of science and technology to meet.

The conference addressed the issues of renewable and clean energy, environment, environmental pollution and public health, the revolution of electronic information, manufactured materials from solar cells and wind energy and the environmental and industrial importance of plant resources.

The conference highlighted the problems of different sectors, proposed appropriate scientific solutions, benefit from the results of scientific research in the field of basic and technical sciences, analysis of natural phenomena, discovering resources and harnessing them to serve the community and assessing the most important environmental, health and other service problems in order to contribute in providing scientific solutions research.

The conference included holding scientific exhibitions for a number of projects of students and researchers which contributed in addressing of various environmental, health, technology and scientific issues.

The conference concluded that researches should be directed towards renewable energy, environmental research, environmental pollution and public health, the revolution of electronic information and research on wind in the field of clean energy and non-reliance on fossil energy sources.

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