During a visit to the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, the faculty member in the College of Arts, University of Al-Mustansiriyah, Dr. Mahir Sabri Kadhim delivered a lecture on the history of ancient and medieval Iraq.

The lecture, in which a number of faculty members and students participated, reviewed the history and civilization of Iraq in ancient and medieval ages and the role of the Iraqis in the discovering of writing and their contributing to the social development and progress of human civilization.

The lecture highlighted different ages of the history of ancient Iraq in the time of the Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian civilizations, the most important aspects of civilization and the achievements made to humanity in the various scientific, cultural, legal and social fields and the impact of these achievements on human community and its development.

The lecture also reviewed the history of Iraq during the Islamic era, the establishment of the capital Baghdad and how it evolved over time to become a center of Islamic and international civilization, a direction of scientists, writers and translators and the prosperity of various sciences such as translation, philosophy, literature, pharmacy, chemistry and other sciences as well as the contributions of Muslim scientists.

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