In cooperation with the Ministry of Oil, Department of Oil Engineering in the College of Engineering, University of Karbala inaugurated three laboratories to promote the university graduates, President of the University, Dr. Moneer Hameed Al-Saadi said.

Dr. Al-Saadi added that the three laboratories were equipped with modern equipment of international brand in light of the infrastructure development project in order to support scientific innovation, encourage the concepts of modern education for students and develop their skills.

Dr. Al-Saadi reviewed that the laboratories included laboratory (Laboratory of properties, laboratory of chemistry and laboratory of fluid) which were equipped with modern equipment and devices as well as providing laboratories with cupboard to store the chemicals and flammable materials, intelligent control system, cameras and advanced alert devices with smoke cover.

For his part, Dean of the College, Dr. Bassem Khalil Al-Seaidi said that the college is seeking on equipping its laboratories with modern scientific equipment in order to improve the students’ skills to be involved in the engineering fields.

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