During a participation in the works of the 14th Arab Conference on the peaceful uses of atomic energy, Egypt, the researcher in the Directorate of Environment and Water, merged Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Ali Raouf Mohammed reviewed that the stable isotope values were all below the GMWL and LMWL that refers to a clear effect of evaporation and seasonal changes.

The participation included delivering a research on using of environmental isotopic techniques in the nature of the source of Lake of Sawa and the nature of the overlap between the surface water of the lake and the groundwater of the City of Samawah in southern Iraq as well as gathering samples of water to measure stable and radioactive isotopes to conduct chemical analyzes and tests from specific stations during three time periods.

The participation also reviewed that the radioisotopes of tritium and radon indicated that the feed of Lake of Sawa was affected by nearby water reservoirs of the lake which indicates that the feeding is from the groundwater and nearby sources.

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