During a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Zhang Tao and the accompanying delegation, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Qusay Al-Suhail reviewed aspects of bilateral cooperation between Baghdad and Beijing in the higher education sector and research fields.

Dr. Al-Suhail reviewed the importance of the bilateral qualitative cooperation between Iraq and China, especially in the field of academic exchanging and university training as well as inaugurating joint research centers to provide services to Iraqi and Chinese researchers.

His Excellency highlighted the importance of expanding the Chinese fellowship programs for the young Iraqi faculty members sector and the possibility of increasing the Chinese available opportunities in this field.

Dr. Al-Suhail added that Iraq is keen on inking joint memorandums of understanding to activate and develop bilateral cooperation.

His Excellency said that the University of Baghdad inaugurated a section of Chinese language at the College of Language, and approved the opening of Confucius Institute in the university within the framework of the system of cultural exchange as well as the approval was obtained to inaugurate the Confucius Institute at the University within the framework of the system of cultural exchange.

Dr. Al-Suhail continued by saying that the University will inaugurate the Center of Arabic Language for foreigners, especially for foreign diplomats, and the university welcomes the diplomats and Chinese students to participate in the sessions of this center.

His Excellency expressed the readiness of the Iraqi universities to welcome Chinese students to study in the fields of Arabic language, history, heritage and humanities.

Dr. Al-Suhail also reviewed that the Iraqi universities are keen on meeting the requirements to obtain top ranking in the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

For his part, Mr. Tao stressed the readiness of the Chinese government to enhance practical cooperation with Iraq, especially in the field of higher education and research, establishing a digital and ordinary library at the University of Baghdad to provide service to Iraqi researchers and students and his country will provide all technical equipment and sources for the work of this extensive library.

Mr. Tao added that Chinese companies are actively contributing in the reconstruction process of Iraq, not only on projects, but also in the field of annual training.

Mr. Tao reviewed that the Chinese government provides Iraqi students and researchers up to 310 training opportunities in all disciplines, along with 50 annual scholarships for Iraqi students and professors to study in Chinese public universities, as well as other opportunities offered by Chinese universities.

Mr. Tao said that the Chinese companies are keen on to inaugurating a specialized training center in the field of electrical energy research and technology at the University of Baghdad to provide services in developing the capabilities of Iraqi competencies and professionals in this vital sector.

Mr. Tao expressed his keenness on providing more training opportunities and scholarships to Iraqi faculty members and students by urging his country’s stakeholders to increase the educational and training opportunities for Iraqis.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Al-Suhail headed the University of Baghdad by proxy and the meeting was also attended by Director General of Research and Development, Dr. Ghassan Hamid Majid and Director General of the Scholarships and Cultural Relations, Dr. Amjad Al-Sawad.

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