During a participation in the Optics and Photonics Conference (ETOP 2019), organized by the leading SPIE and OSA organizations in the field of optics and LASER in the University of Laval, Canada, the faculty member in the College of Energy and Environmental Sciences, Al-Karkh University of Science,Mr. Muhanad Jamal Abbas delivered a lecture on the optimal use of different medical LASER, their effect on the skin and the eye of humans, and the most important procedures of LASER protection during applying to avoid possible damage.

The lecture, in which a number of researchers participated, included studying the effects of LASER on human skin and eye, mechanism of LASER interaction with these organs, the damage caused by LASER interaction with the skin and the eye, and the permissible limits of LASER energy.

The lecture aimed at raising awareness about the effects of laser LASER and the most important protection measures to be followed by people who are new to LASER implementation, especially in laboratories and educational clinics.

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