Two faculty members in the Department of Electronic Technologies, Institute of Technology-Baghdad, Middle Technical University obtained a patent on manufacturing a smart remote monitoring system for the performance of baby incubators via using Laura technology – Iraq.

The patent, in which granted by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control Unit of the Ministry of Planning, included three main parts, the first part monitors the incubator in terms of temperature, humidity, appropriate temperature control for each child and the possibility of monitoring the weight of the child, the second part is a device designed to receive data from the first part via using Laura technology and the third part is the design of a software to be installed on smartphones to monitor data.

The project is working to modernize the incubator via using modern electronic applications to monitor the status of the incubator child and send data from the first part through live broadcast to the doctor’s room, computer or personal phone as well as the data could be sent for10 km.

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