During a tour and meeting in the Ministry of Water Resources, Departments of Environment and Water and Agricultural Research, merged Ministry of Science and Technology visited the reviewed activating the mechanism of the joint committee work in the fields of agriculture and water resources.

The meeting highlighted the importance of the research centers to develop the service sectors and treatment of water’s types such as surface, groundwater and wastewater in order to provide safe water for the citizen and preserve it from pollution.

The meeting also reviewed the need to use the downstream water in developing fish wealth and meeting the actual need of the agricultural sector for water, using modern devices in irrigation, benefiting from the marshes water in the cultivation of rice, using reeds and papyrus in industry and natural fertilizers of waste and addressing mechanism of reducing evaporation that affect water surfaces and controlling harmful aquatic plants.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting was chaired by Minister of Water Resources, Dr. Jamal Al-Adeli.

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