The researcher in the Directorate of Environment and Water, merged Ministry of Science and Technology, Dr. Ina’am Nouri Ali obtained a patent on a modern method for regulating the level of thyroid hormones via using methotrexate and omega-3.

The patent reviewed that methotrexate is used as a thyroid-stimulating chemotherapy for patients with hypothyroidism and omega-3 is used as a dietary supplement in conjunction with them to reduce methotrexate side effects.

The patent highlighted that methotrexate is considered as first protection element to increase the level of thyroid hormones (T3, T4) with accurate concentrations that contribute in regulating of the hormones via using omega-3, as well as it is competing with folic acid in its effects in transferring into the tissues of the body via the system for transferring of acid besides a part of methotrexate is metabolizing in the liver to perform the vital functions.

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