During a participating in the Huawei Middle East Communication and Information Technology Skills Competition for the Middle East, China, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s academic team reviewed that the team should past the tests to participate in the third edition of the Huawei Company’s Competition for the academic year 2019/2020, Director General’s Assistant of Research and Development, Dr. Hana’a Abd Al-Hussein said.

Dr. Abd Al-Hussein added that the competition comes within the continued cooperation and coordination with Chinese Huawei in order to gain modern technologies in the field of communications of the Iraqi universities in order to keep pace with the rapid international digital transformation and rehab the Iraqi youth for future local projects.

It is worth mentioning that the Iraqi team is consisted of Mrs. Susan Zakaria, faculty member in the University of Salah Al-Din -Erbil as a supervisor and the students Mr. Mustafa Fadhel Hatem from Al-Iraqia University, Mr. Omar Khalil Ibrahim from the University of Anbar and Miss Nian Shirwan Othman from the University of Salah al-Din – Erbil.

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