In cooperation with Media Department in the Ministry of Electricity, Directorate of Relations and Media, Ministry of Higher Education organized a symposium on the future of solar energy and its benefits in the process of rationalizing consumption of electric energy, the researcher of the Ministry of Electricity, Mrs. Anwar Subhi Abdul Razzaq.

Mrs. Abdul Razzaq added that the symposium reviewed the importance of solar energy in the process of organizing plans to rationalize electricity consumption and urge institutions to obtain solar energy as an important economic output.

Mrs. Abdul Razzaq continued by saying that the symposium highlighted the history of the emergence of solar energy in the Babylonian Era, the emergence of the first solar wheel powered by solar energy and the uses of solar energy in institutions, homes, factories and other sectors.

Mrs. Abdul Razzaq said that the symposium also reviewed the importance of solar energy as an enormous energy that can be used anywhere as it constitutes as an inexhaustible free source of fuel and clean energy.

Mrs. Abdul Razzaq the symposium called on raising awareness of the importance of solar energy, its positive returns and establishing of solar farms and joint scientific research centers in the universities.

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