In cooperation with the Department of Health Information and Awareness, Ministry of Health and Environment, Directorate of Environment and Water, merged Ministry of Science and Technology organized a symposium on the concept of antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics.

The symposium, in which a number of researchers and specialists participated, reviewed the concept of antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics due to excessive use of antibiotics, preventing infection by adhering to healthy habits and preparing a healthy food and taking vaccines, avoiding antidotes without a prescription and how to treat non-bacterial infections such as influenza as well as strengthening joint cooperation frameworks between the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Health and Environment to increase health awareness of the risks of various diseases.

The symposium also reviewed that the smoking causes the death of more than 7 million people around the world annually and warning of the phenomenon of passive smoking within societies and its major impact on the deterioration of human health.

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