College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Diyala held a course on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear accidents (CBRN) and addressing mechanism.

The course reviewed the concept of (CBRN), reason behind chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear accidents, their consequences and how to address and treat their effects as well as reducing the damage toward people and environment.

The course also reviewed the risk of misusing knowledge, techniques or experiences in using or intending to use CBRN for dangerous purposes, as well as addressing main elements for risks of using CBRN and responding effectively to potential incidents.

The course recommended forming CBRN teams, their tasks, methods of work in the field, raising the awareness of responding to crises of misuse of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear factors (CBRN) by unauthorized persons or non-governmental agencies that cause a major threat to the individual, community and environment.

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