During a participation in the International Conference on Natural Resources in Lyon, France,  Researchers in the Department of Geology in the College of Science, University of Baghdad reviewed the latest inventions, innovations, developments and the most accurate technologies on the sustainable management of natural resources, capacity development and transfer of modern information in the fields of geology, environment, climate change, production and sustainability systems, marine sciences, renewable energies, soil, plants, hydrology and modern science in agriculture and geometrics.

The Conference, in which a number of researchers participated, also reviewed capacity development, technology transfer, exchange of experiences in research and studies in the field of geometrics and its sciences, the latest technological developments, new scientific innovations, programs of natural resource management, the latest research and advanced developments, as well as new applications and technologies and exploration of emerging trends in climate change, environment and geology.

It is worth mentioning that the Conference was held under the patronage of the European Geometrics Federation.

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