The faculty member in the College of Science, University of Baghdad, Mrs. Alyaa Mohammed Hadi obtained an online international certificate from the World Health Organization for passing the course on the organization’s website on infection COVID-19 and limiting its spread.

Mrs. Alyaa said that the course reviewed three online modules, the first was on new Corona virus (COVID-19), its characteristics and its ferocity, the second was on the level of State responses and their willingness to this virus via correct scientific guidance and planning and the third was on how to reduce the risk of Corona’s virus after becoming a deadly international pandemic.

Mrs. Alyaa added that the course also reviewed the public health response to prevent the spreading of the epidemic in light of having health facilities and laboratories and successful diagnosis as well as increasing the commitment to health awareness among citizens via reporting, recording injuries, healing cases, epidemiological follow-up of the virus with the help of health staffs inside countries and spreading a culture of prevention of spreading the virus.

It is worth mentioning that the certificate was entitled (COVID-19: Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform to support country preparedness and response).

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