Scientific Associations

The Scientific Associations were established according ti article no 55 for 1981 and under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

E-mail Association No The Iraqi Society of Occupational Health and Safety 1 Iraqi Association for Alternative and New Energy Sources and Technology 2 Iraqi physicists Association 3 Iraqi Association of Engineers 4 Reproductive Health and the Organizing of Iraqi Family Association 5


Iraqi Society for Nutrition and Food Safety 6


Iraqi Laser Association 7

Iraqi Association for Techniques of Medical Devices 8 Iraqi Information Technology Association 9 –


The National Association of Intellectuals and Academics of Iraqi Society Scientific Society for Human Resources Development 10 Iraqi Fertility Society 11 Iraqi Association of Teachers of French 12 –


Iraq Association of Amateur Radio 13 Orthopedic Surgeons Association and Fractures 14 Science and knowledge Society 15


Maintenance of Genetic and Environmental Sources of the Iraqi Society 16
maishak50 –


Iraqi Science Society of Animal Production 17 Iraqi Poultry Science Association 18 Iraqi Association for the Guidance of Psychological and Educational Guidance 19

Iraqi Society of Addiction Medicine 20


Iraqi Association for Research and Strategic Studies 21 Iraqi Association for Physicians digestive and liver device 22 Middle Psychological Association for Guidance and Educational Guidance Vocational 23


Iraqi Translators Association 24

Islamic Medical Association in Iraq 25


Iraqi Society for Quality and Reliability 26 Iraqi Association for remote sensing 27 Islamic Knowledge Society in Iraq 28


Heart Association and chest Iraqi 29


Iraqi Psychological Association 30 Mosul Society of Oncology 31 Iraqi Association for Management Sciences 32 National Constitutional Assembly 33


Medical Association examined the engineering and civil protection 34 Iraqi Association for Libraries and Information 35

Iraqi Association for Obstetrics and Gynecology 36


Iraqi Surgeons Association 37 Iraqi Medicinal Plant Science Association 38 Surgeons Association kidney and Urinary Tract Iraqi 39 Scientific Association for Research and Strategic Studies 40 Iraqi Soil Science Society 41 Iraqi Geographical Society 42 Iraqi Water Resources Association 43 Iraqi Chemical Society 44

Physicians Association of Iraqi Children 45 Association of the National Forum for Research on Thought and Culture 46

Iraqi Association of Alternative Medicine 47 Iraqi Association of Dermatology and Venereal 48 Iraqi Association for the Curricula and Teaching Methods and Educational Evaluation 49 Future Association for Studies and Energy Research 50


Center for Specialized Studies Association between the Hawza  and the University 51 Iraqi Association for the Prevention of Osteoporosis 52 Iraqi linguists Association 53 Hadith Studies Scientific Society 54 Iraqi Society of Hypertension 55


Iraqi Association for Clinical Biochemistry 56 Iraqi Society for Informatics and Applied Science 57