During the National Coordinating Conference on Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Safety, Higher Education called on activating and expanding cooperation horizons between universities and the Ministries on chemical and biological safety and security, Ministry’s Deputy for Scientific Research Affairs, Dr. Foud Qassim Mohammed said.

Dr. Mohammed added that the conference, in which Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mr. John Feistal, Representative of the US Department of State, Mr. Sean Karsia, as well as a number of foreign delegations, Security Ministries and researchers participated, called on activating the means of mutual cooperation between the universities and specialized Ministries to face chemical, biological and nuclear threats.

Dr. Mohammed mentioned the importance of disseminating awareness culture among people, provide training for specialists, building capabilities, implementing scientific curricula, updating educational curricula and increasing postgraduate programs in the is field.

For his part, Director of the Center, Dr. Ali Nasir said that the conference is touching important aspects of our life, addressing issues, raising international awareness against nuclear weapons.

For their part, the US and Czech delegations expressed their readiness on seriously and fruitfully cooperating, expanding the horizon of cooperation to include institutions, universities and research centers in other countries.

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