During a meeting with Najaf investment Commission, Al-Forat Al-Awsat Technical University inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on improving the investment environment in the Province of Najaf, President of the University, Dr. Abd Al-Kadhum Al-Yasiri said.

Dr. Al-Yasiri added that the MoU aimed at enhancing scientific and cultural cooperation and exchanging experiences with government institutions to meet the needs of the citizens.

Dr. Al-Yasiri reviewed that the MoU concluded that the investment should be in electricity, communications, transportation, economy and human development fields as well as providing housing units for university employees that should be designed and implemented through the employees of the Engineering Department and the Scientific and Advisory Services Offices in the University besides providing all services in order to reduce the cost of housing units for the general benefits.

Dr. Al-Yasiri also reviewed that the MoU will contribute in improving the academic level of the university, especially in the scientific and specialized fields via benefiting the experiences of government institutions of the governorate.

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