Babylon University’s Ph.D. Thesis: On Effect of Adding Ground Carbonate to Glass

College of Fine Arts, University of Babylon discussed a Ph.D. thesis on the effect of adding ground carbonate to glass and applying it to a colored pottery surface by the postgraduate student, Mr. Farouk Muhammad Khudair.


The thesis aimed at identifying the effect of adding ground carbonate to high-temperature glass and applying it to a colored pottery surface.

The thesis reviewed that the structure of glass, its composition, and the classification of glass in terms of temperature and in terms of transparency, ii also dealt with fusibility, surface tension, viscosity, texture, and the effect of heat on ceramic materials, it also dealt with clays, especially kaolin and methods of shaping using the slip casting technique.


The thesis concluded that many changes occurred in the surface of glass to which percentages of magnesium carbonate were added, including withdrawal, cracking, and peeling of the surface, with small pieces falling from the surface of the glass due to the high surface tension coefficient as a result of low melting.

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