Basrah University’s Master’s Dissertation: On Analyzing of Petrophysical Characteristics of Zubair Reservoir in Douthern Rumaila Field

College of Science, University of Basrah discussed master dissertation on analyzing of Petrophysical properties and the determination of flow units for the Zubair reservoir in the southern Rumaila field by the postgraduate student, Mrs. Hiba Ahmed.

The dissertation aimed at studying nine wells distributed in the southern Rumaila field to analyze the Petrophysical properties, determine the reservoir units and conduct the cluster analysis of the upper sand member based on the well probes and calculate the heterogeneity of the reservoir and determine the units of flow.

The dissertation confirmed that the porosity is good in the wells, as well as the presence of good hydrocarbon reservoirs as a result of the improvement of the properties of the reservoir, as it was the best reservoir unit in terms of porosity and oil saturation and that the study wells are reservoirs of heterogeneity.

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