Mustansiriyah University’s Master’s Dissertation: On Manufacturing Flexible Ultraviolet Sensor

College of Engineering, University of Mustansiriyah discussed a master dissertation on the fabrication and characterization of a flexible ultraviolet sensor from zinc oxide Nano-films by the postgraduate student, Mrs. Mawj Raad Sebti.

The dissertation aimed at manufacturing of two ultraviolet radiation sensors, the first of the type (metal-semi-conductor-metal) and the second of the type (Schottky diode) and manufacturing of a sensor for visible rays of the type (positive and negative link) that the two techniques (gelatinous solution, Hydrothermal technique) to deposit a thin granular layer and hexagonal micro-pillars of zinc oxide on flexible substrates and the use of thermal evaporation technology to deposit the pentacene layer, as well as depositing of palladium metal with the help of molybdenum metal masks and by thermal evaporation technology.

The dissertation concluded that the barrier height for all manufactured devices was close and ranged between (0.74 to 0.78 eV) in both methods, while the optimization factor of (Cheung's technique) was less than (Thermionic emission theory) as the method takes into account the presence of series resistance.

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