Al-Nahrain University’s Master’s Dissertation: On BK Virus in Sample of Children with Lymphoblastic Leukemia

College of Medicine, University of Al-Nahrain discussed a master dissertation on the detection of BK virus in a sample of Iraqi children with lymphoblastic leukemia by the postgraduate student, Mrs. Safa Hassan Ali.

The dissertation aimed at studying the frequency of BK Polyomavirus secretion in the urine of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with and without chemotherapy and comparing it with normal controls to see if the virus has a potential catalytic role for ALL or as a consequence of the disease.

The dissertation demonstrated on comparing the DNA of the virus with the level of viral antigen in the urine and its relationship to the levels of leukocytes in patients and disease relapse.

The dissertation reviewed that all acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients had BKPyV-positive albuminuria by real-time PCR.

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