From capital, London, Dr. Al-Aboudi Meets Iraqi Students in UK Universities, His Excellency Stresses On Need to Provide State’s Institutions with Their Rare Specializations

During a visit to the United Kingdom and meeting with a group of Iraqi students, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naeem Abd Yaser Al-Aboudi reviewed aspects of correct employment of their rare and diverse energies and specializations that will provide the Iraqi State’s institutions with international experiences and expertise.

Dr. Al-Aboudi highlighted the students of scholarships, fellowships and private alimony.

His Excellency directed to overcome the challenges that accompany the conditions of their studies and enable them to achieve and complete their scientific career according to the timings that serve the goal of their scholarships, which will positively affect the Iraqi Higher Education environment.

Dr. Al-Aboudi affirmed that the policy and strategy of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research works on the correct employment of the scientific capabilities of Iraqi students abroad and keeping pace with the requirements of cognitive and methodological development and modernization.

His Excellency demonstrated to the importance of openness to the world and benefiting from advanced experiences at the level of Higher Education with the aim of twinning programs and strengthening fields of understanding and cultural exchange.

For their part, Iraqi students in the United Kingdom reviewed their perceptions and proposals regarding the timelines that support their studies and the requirements for completing them, taking into account the changes that occur among some students in the light of the course of scientific work in British Universities.

It is worth mentioning that the visit was accompanied by the Ministry’s Deputy for Scientific Research Affairs, Dr. Haider Abd Dhahd, the President of the University of Baghdad, Dr. Mounir Al-Saadi, President of Anbar University, Dr. Mushtaq Talib Al-Nada, Chairman of the Committee of Deans of Medical Colleges in Iraq, Dr. Anis Khalil Nayel, Cultural Adviser, Dr. Muhammad Hamza Abd Al-Sada Al-Hashemi and a number of academics.

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