Private Gilgamesh University Celebrates It’s Students’ 1st Graduation, Dr. Al-Aboudi Honors Top Students, His Excellency Emphasizes Developing of Human Resources

During a graduation celebration of Private Gilgamesh University’s students, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naeem Abd Yaser Al-Aboudi confirmed on the necessity of consolidating and improving the educational process in public and private universities alike and focusing on developing human resources because they represent the main pillar of excellence and enabling them to compete scientifically, which would enhance the scores of institutions in international university forums and contribute effectively to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

Dr. Al-Aboudi congratulated the graduated students on the occasion of completing and achieving the necessary educational attainment in their specializations, which made them qualified to obtain this academic degree and this merit, which will pave the way towards interacting with society and the providing of services.

His Excellency concluded the activities of the ceremony via honoring the top students and blessing the graduates and their families for their efforts and patience, as well as shouldering the common responsibilities that culminated in success and achieving the goals of the educational institution.

For his part, President of Private Gilgamesh University, Dr. Bahaa Adnan Yahya reviewed the peculiarity of the 1st graduation , the aspect of work and the scientific understandings that would develop its educational environment and academic programs.

It is worth mentioning that the graduating students stand in front of the celebration platform, raising the flags of Iraq, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and university's logo, while the participating faculty members lined up for the first annual graduation ceremony, which bears the name (Jaber Hayyan Class), as well as the graduation celebration was attended by a number of university presidents and academics.

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