Dr. Al-Aboudi Launches Eco-System Project Of Technology University, His Excellency Emphasizes Strengthening University's Productive Environment & Enabling Graduates To Be Entrepreneurs

During launching the Eco-system Project for University of Technology, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr.  Naeem Abd Yaser Al-Aboudi emphasized the promotion of the University's productive environment and the empowerment of graduates to entrepreneurship, program industry and innovation.

Dr. Al-Aboudi said that this project constitutes a qualitative asset of human capital and an important pillar towards development and strengthening the university's productive environment, program industry and project innovation.

His Excellency added that the law of the Ministry, which provided for quantitative and qualitative changes in the scientific, technical and cultural movement and keeping pace with indicators of modernization in the fields of knowledge, made educational institutions in continuous interaction with the needs of society and the requirements of development.

Dr. Al-Aboudi continued by saying that the Ecosystem project at the University of Technology comes in light of enabling young graduates to ascend the platform of ambition and achieve real work steps through productive partnerships with private sector institutions that attract entrepreneurs and owners of ideas and projects.

For his part, Ministry’s Deputy for Scientific Research Affairs, Dr. Haider Abd Dhahad reviewed the stages of establishing the Ecosystem and its working mechanisms according to the aspirations and strategy of the Ministry aimed at achieving the project of productive, supportive universities that meet the needs of the labor market.

For his part, President of the University of Technology highlighted that it has been diligently finding solutions to address the employment of graduates and enable them to form partnerships that serve the fields of entrepreneurship, while systems and project management experts gave a presentation on the importance of the Eco-system in consolidating cooperation with the private sector, attracting graduates and implementing projects.

It is worth mentioning that the ceremony was attended by a number of university presidents, academics and representatives of the private sector.

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