Kirkuk University’s Master’s Dissertation: On Bacterial Contamination in Closed Environments

College of Science, University of Kirkuk discussed a master dissertation on bacterial contamination in closed environments within selected models in the City of Erbil by the postgraduate student, Mrs. Nour Jassam Muhammad.

The dissertation reviewed isolating and diagnosing some bacterial species from various clinical and environmental samples, studying the effect of environmental factors represented by heat and humidity on the spread of microbial contamination and determining the inhibitory effectiveness of the roots of the C. Spinosa plant against the isolated bacterial species.

The dissertation highlighted that the existence of different environmental models between Staphylococcus aureus bacteria compared to other bacterial species. With extracts from the roots of the C. Spinosa plant, it was found that the plant is very effective against negative bacterial species, its antibacterial effectiveness is due to the presence of many phenolic compounds and flavonoids.

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