Babylon University’s Master’s Dissertation: On Levels of NTCP Gene Polymorphisms in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis Type B

College of Medicine, University of Babylon discussed a master dissertation on the levels of Hepcidin and sodium Tarcolyte Cotransportin Polypeptide (NTCP) Gene polymorphism in patients with chronic hepatitis type B in Babylon Province by the postgraduate student, Mr. Amjad Hameed Salman.

The dissertation reviewed a study of the level of sodium tarcolyte, a co-transport peptide, hepcidin, ferritin, and iron, and finding a possible association between these parameters with age and sex in patients with chronic hepatitis B, as well as evaluating the role of genetic mutation in the (NTCP) Gene and what is associated with it with chronic hepatitis B virus infection and disease progression in Babylon Province.

The dissertation highlighted that the concentration of sodium Tarcolyte, a co-transport peptide, increased significantly in patients with chronic hepatitis B (compared to the control group) and the concentration of hepcidin and ferritin increased significantly in patients with chronic hepatitis B compared to the control group.

The dissertation demonstrated that patients with chronic hepatitis B in Babylon Province had a higher serum level of hepcidin, ferritin and iron compared to normal people, which represents the degree of damage to liver cells of these patients.

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